About LeadOne

When we first started out LeadOne catered to offline business, you’ve heard all about
the traditional marketing company before…

Offering services such as

Google Places
Reputation Management
Web Design
Mobile Sites
Facebook Ads

Basically doing everything for and being everything for local businesses

We soon realised that actually we’re very good at this. but what do our customers – really really want?

They just wanted live phone calls, they just want customers calling them.

And what do they not want?

Our customer don’t want to be baffled by all the marketing gimmicks, the sales talks, they don’t want to take risks on their marketing, they don’t want to worry about being left behind their competitors.

Bottom line is.. they want someone thinking on their business, someone they can trust and someone who has their best interests at heart.
leadone: lead generation
leadone increasing sales

Full Transparency on what you receive.

So LeadOne evolved into a pay per enquiry model, so all we do is automate the entire process and we’ve just delivering live phone calls, you just pay for calls, kind of like google’s pay per click, this is pay per enquiry.

Thats our business a very simple business model, our customer know exactly what their getting.

We’ve not promising you’ll get on the “first page of google” or any of that kind of stuff, we are promising live phone calls from your area, all the phone calls are recorded. That’s what we’ve been doing, we’ve been keeping it very simple since 2011.

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