How we differ

*Figures based on an comparable quality 20 page website.
*Comparison with an average digital marekting company

LeadOne Average Marketing Company*
Optimised Website Included £1400
Website Search Engine Optimisation Included £500
Website Content – Images + Copy Included £80 per page
Domain, Hosting, Hacker Warranty & Maintenance Included £300 per year
Website Updates Included £35 per hour
Social Media Management Included £35 per hour
Google Places Optimisation Included £150
SEO Camapign Included £500 – £1000 per month High Risk!
Pay Per Click Campaign Included £150 – £2000 per month + Mangament Fee High Risk!
5 Star Review Builder System Included £30 – £50 per month
Video Creation Included £250
Video Marketing Included £150 per month High Risk!
Domain Name Rewnals Included £10 per year
Local Area Telephone Number Included £10 per month
Human Qualified Weekly Lead Reports Included Never Included
Call Recording Included £0.30 per minute
Missed Call Alerts Included £5 per month
Cancel Within 14 Days Included 3 to 6 Month Contract
Exclusive Leads Included Included
Guaranteed Leads Included Never Included
Money Back Guarantee Included Never Included
Zero Risk High Risk

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Exclusive Telephone Leads
  • Enquiries are not re-sold to your competitors
  • Fixed Price Regardless of Size Of Job
  • Non-Enquiry = No Charge
  • 2 Weeks Cancellation Period

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