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We use the knowledge and experience of our existing network of business owners to help you succeed. If you succeed then we succeed it’s as simple as that.

Every business just like yours has a story, we want to take your business on a journey. 

Absolutely not, we only work with 1 company in each area, we believe strongly that companies should not be battling it out on every single enquiry they receive. Often the enquiries you receive you will be the only person they contact. A lot of the comparison happens online before they even contact you.
Our enquiry generating trade websites don’t require anything from you to work, but images and testimonial will help to make it your own
No we don’t charge you, for website optimisation, maintenance, hosting, website amendments, hacker insurance, search engine marketing, Google places, social media marketing, PPC, Facebook ads.. or anything like that, these are our costs you just pay us for the results.
No this is a benefit of the service called “Spin Off Leads”, however you will only be billed for enquiries that you receive direct from Lead One
Assuming we don’t catch those cases in our manually verified reports, you can appeal to claim back a credit to your account
You receive them every week, or we roll them over to the next week incase of low volume of enquiries for that week
We operate like a mobile phone top up service, you credit your account, we deduct every enquiry from that credit until your credit reaches 0 and then we re-credit your account automatically via direct debit, the only time there is a deduction to your account is when you’ve received your report
The Direct Debit Guarantee protects customers in three ways:

Notifications – customers must be notified in advance of each payment. Failure to follow notification requirements will result in a merchant being barred from the scheme. This is typically 10 working days before a payment is taken but a shorter notice period can be agreed.

Refunds – customers are entitled to a full and immediate refund of any payment they claim has been taken in error.

Cancellations – customers can cancel a Direct Debit mandate at any time by contacting their bank.

Each of the above protections are enforced by the banks and so form an intrinsic part of the Direct Debit scheme. Refunds and cancellations are processed by the payer’s bank without prior discussion with the merchant.

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Within the first top up payment you can cancel at any time, and you will receive a refund for any credit due back to you, after that, all we ask is a 2 week notification period. The service sells itself and we don’t need to tie you down into lengthy contracts
The reports cover Friday to Thursday, and the reports are verified by 2 people before you receive them, at the latest by Sunday you will receive the report
You have 72 hours to appeal any enquiries after receiving the report
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